As NYMF patrons we get to accomplish important and equally rewarding goals: (1) we help provide development support for a vital and dynamic art form, and (2) we are able to enjoy the extraordinary talent of the amazing artistic teams of the exciting new shows every festival season. What more could any musical theatre fan ask for?

Dr. George Hardy Jr., NYMF supporter
Photo: The exclusive NYMF Opening Night Celebration. (Russ Rowland)

Musical Theatre Development Core

This new initiative recognizes that you are the heart of the organization and your efforts nurture and sustain the next generation of Musical Theatre talent.

The Musical Theatre Development Core (MTDC) is a critical part of NYMF’s success, providing nearly a third of our annual budget.


As a member of the Musical Theatre Development Core, we invite you to be in the room where it happens by funding hands-on mentorship opportunities for aspiring theatre professionals, supporting playwrights and composers preparing their shows, meeting artists, and seeing sneak-peek previews of the work months before the festival.

As a member of the Performer tier or higher, you have the opportunity to screen and score the submissions to the festival and see the work on the page before it makes it to the festival stage. 

The MTDC has replaced our NYMF Patron's Circle.











# of lanyards 4 2 2 2
# of seats per Reading  4 4 2
# of Festival tickets* 40 30 20 10 -
# of off-season tickets 4 4 - - -
VIP Access to the Opening and Closing Night Parties - - -
Opportunity to become a screener ✔ 
- -
20% discount on additional tickets - -
20% discount on merchandise ✔ 
Discount on bars and restaurants during the Festival
Early access to off-season tickets
Invitations to exclusive NYMF events
Recognition in NYMF’s program guide ✔ 
Concierge service including waved ticket exchange fees ✔ 


*Includes Opening and Closing Night Celebrations. Does not include participation in masterclasses. Limit of 8 tickets per NYMF-produced event. Each festival ticket holds a $39.50 value and off-season tickets hold a $20 value.

For more information or to join the Musical Theatre Development Core, please call our Development Department at 212-664-0979, or email 

At the Performer tier or higher, payments may be made in monthly installments. NYMF accepts all major credit cards. 

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