2013 NYMF Hub Programming

The NYMF Hub, in the lobby of The Pershing Square Signature Center (480 W 42nd St), will host a variety of live music, talkbacks, and panel discussions throughout the Festival. All NYMF Hub events are FREE. There’s always something happening – be sure to drop by!

The NYMF Hub will be open 12pm-12am throughout the Festival, July 8-28.


The Business of Being an Artist
Marketing, web programming, finances, contracts... somehow they didn’t teach you about all of that in your MFA program! Meet our experts, who will set you on the road to treat your art as a business. Hosted by NYMF Senior Associate Producer Melanie Hopkins.
When: July 9, 6-7pm

The Collaboration of Director and Music Director
The Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation, in partnership with NYMF, presents a discussion about the relationship between a Director and Music Director and how best to collaborate through the development, rehearsal, and preview process. Guests will be Director Jeremy Dobrish and Musical Director Meg Zervoulis. To reserve a spot, RSVP to Foundation@SDCweb.org
When: July 15th, 6-7pm

Life After Being a Performer
Most of us start our lives in the theatre as performers, but what do you do after deciding that the actor’s life is not for you? Join us for this informational session about alternative careers in the theatre industry. Presented in collaboration with The American Theatre Wing’s Theatre Intern Group.
When: July 16, 6-7pm 

What’s New in the Arts?
The process for commissioning new performing arts works varies across disciplines and genres.  But are there tried and true best practices for commissioning?  Where does the funding come from?  How do you balance the artistic process with budgetary constraints and funder objectives?  What will the commissioning landscape look like in five years?

Join ELNYA (Emerging Leaders of New York Arts) for a panel discussion and casual networking with some of New York City’s top commissioning players as we explore these questions and many more about commissioning new performing arts works.  Whether you’re an artist, an agent, a producer, an ensemble representative, a presenting organization, a patron, or an arts lover - don’t miss this rare opportunity to engage one on one with commissioning pros and your peers!
When: July 22, 6-7pm


Feather: Painting Live on Stage
Award-winning live artist painter Jeffrey Feger discusses his craft, while painting the audience!
When: July 13, 3-3:30pm

The Awakening of Angel DeLuna: Running Away With the Circus
The cast and creatives of this spectacle-filled musical discusses circus history and its use in contemporary art and media.
When: July 13, 7-7:30pm

Swiss Family Robinson: Staging a Shipwreck
What is an island like after a shipwreck? The designers of this show discuss how they developed and executed their vision of the famous story.
When: July 14, 3-3:30pm

Crossing Swords: Fight! Fight!
Come see a fight choreography demonstration from the CROSSING SWORDS team, and maybe even learn a few moves of your own!
When: July 14, 7-7:30pm

Mother Divine: The Man Behind the Musical
Come hear about the REAL Father Divine and his ministry that inspired the musical – complete with local history, and some rare video footage!
When: July 18, 7-7:30pm

Bend in the Road: Make Me A Song!
Writers Benita Scheckel and Michael Upward demonstrate their unique songwriting process by taking live suggestions from the audience.
When: July 20, 3-3:30pm

Searching for Romeo: A New Take On an Old Favorite
Writer and scholar Brian Sutton discusses the process and many incarnations of Shakespeare adaptation.
When: July 21, 3-3:30pm

Gary Goldfarb: Master Escapist: It’s an Illusion!
Join the creators of GARY GOLDFARB: MASTER ESCAPIST as they discuss the unique challenge of presenting magic on stage.
When: July 21, 7-7:30pm

Marry Harry: Out of the Box
Performer Kate Rigg demonstrates some of her own performance art and discusses how traditional performance and performance art are working together in MARRY HARRY.
When: July 27, 7-7:30pm



The NYMF Hub will host a variety of live music throughout the Festival. Stop by and get your fill of a wide variety of musical stylings!

Nick & Liesl, July 8, 5:30-6:30pm (http://www.nickandliesl.com/)
Madison Scheckel & Rob Kendt, July 10, 7-7:30pm (http://obabymine.wordpress.com/music/)
Cara Scarmack, July 12, 6:30-8pm (http://www.carascarmack.com)
Emily Busby, July 13, 8-8:30pm
Brian Sutton, July 17, 7:30-8:30pm
Tina deVaron, July 19, 7-8:30pm (http://tinadevaron.com/)
Emma Dean, July 20, 7:30-8:30pm (http://www.emmadean.com/)
Kelly Izzo, July 24, 7-8pm (http://www.kellyizzo.com/)
Charcole Federation, July 26, 7-8:30pm
Mary Rodriguez, July 27, 7:30-8:30pm

Additional performances to be announced.