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Science! Cows! Musical Theatre! In the small town of Pluto, Indiana, Pippa Peterson must save the day from mysterious extraterrestrial lights before her whole town is beamed into outer space. It's "The Twilight Zone" flipped on it’s head, with a cast of… [read more]

Alive! The Zombie Musical

Alive! The Zombie Musical

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Josh Canfield

With the cover of the night, zombies terrorize a small town, but when morning comes they leave no trace of their feasting, just missing people. One feisty news reporter, Shelly Sheets, is on the case when she witnesses her co-worker, Eve, being kidnapped… [read more]

Bisland & Bly

Lyrics by Marialena DiFabbio and Susannah Jones; Music by Marialena DiFabbio; Book and Additional Music by Susannah Jones

In November 1889, Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland set off in opposite directions on a history-making race around the globe to beat Phileas Fogg’s fictional record from Around The World In Eighty Days. Though a world apart, Nellie and Elizabeth found… [read more]

Black Hole Wedding

Black Hole Wedding

Words by Katherine Brann Fredricks; Music by Paul E. Nelson

Lying, stealing, forging, kidnapping, government-manipulating oil baron Dean captures and warehouses renewable energy discoveries. Shy uber-geek Raymond fights back with a black hole trash compactor. Will Dean feed Raymond’s fiancé to the black hole, in… [read more]

Brother Nat

Book and Lyrics by Liana Asim and Jabari Asim; Music by Allyssa Jones and Damien Sneed.

In this sung-through musical inspired by Nat Turner’s historic slave insurrection, the hero toils and dreams of freedom until an Angel appears and issues a divine directive: Rise and revolt! The sign Nat has been waiting for arrives: a solar eclipse. In… [read more]



Music by Cordelia O’Driscoll, Book by Tom Williams, Lyrics by Cordelia O’Driscoll and Tom Williams

When Rose and Harry meet on a date, they uncover something unexpected: they’re both serial killers. This unconventional love story is a darkly comedic tale of friendship, road trips and life on the edge. Oh… and a whole lot of murder. Accompanied by a… [read more]



Book, Music and Lyrics by Richard Isen

50 something year old Gregory has spent his adult life denying the loss he experienced as a young man during the AIDS crisis. After a near-death experience, The Lady appears. Is she an inner guide from the Jungian collective unconscious? A musical… [read more]

Everything is Okay (and other helpful lies)

Book, Lyrics, & Music by Melissa Crum and Caitlin Lewins.

In this hot mess musical, a group of close friends struggles to navigate the tragedies of life. Guided by poor decision-making and maybe too much alcohol, these buddies try anything to find happiness while the ties of friendship fray. This dark musical… [read more]

Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons

Book by Donald Rupe; Music by Donald Rupe and Cesar de la Rosa; Orchestrations by Cesar de la Rosa, Josh Ceballos and Jason Bailey

In this charming musical, Isabella is a young Latina whose teacher has just assigned the final project of her eighth-grade year: research a historical figure and write a paper about what made them great. Joined by her quirky friends, Isabella has to decide… [read more]

Freedom Summer

Music by Charlie H. Ray & Sam Columbus; Lyrics and Book by Charlie H. Ray

In the summer of 1964, civil rights workers from New York City join forces with grassroots activists in Meridian, Mississippi. Freedom Summer follows their crusade for equality as they navigate racism, corruption, and violence in the Jim Crow south. As the… [read more]


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Mark Aaron James

What happens when an out of shape, over 40, gay geek named ‘Hero’ gets his own "origin story?" Hero is the exact opposite of the “superhero” image that he sells in his comic book store…except when it comes to heart and intent. Despite his powers not being… [read more]

Illuminati Lizards from Outer Space

Illuminati Lizards from Outer Space

Music and Lyrics by Yuri Worontschak, Book and Lyrics by Paul Western-Pittard

Krystal Lyons, failed beauty-pageant contestant, checks into rehab, run by Illuminati-lizard Overlords using the hospital as a cover. They’re on a mission to colonize the planet. The problem is – they’re running out of time before the mission is cancelled… [read more]


Kafka's Metamorphosis: The Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by Matt Chiorini; Additional Music and Lyrics by Travis Newton.

Gregor Samsa awoke one morning to find that he'd caught the musical theatre bug! Kafka's mystifying and mesmerizing novella comes to musical life onstage. Gregor's rude awakening and metamorphosis parallels the frustrating journey of our dauntless… [read more]



Book, Music & Lyrics by Laura & Linda Good

Convicted of petty crimes and sentenced to journey to a land they had never known, teenage Irish sisters Alice and Mary are forced to make the treacherous crossing from London to Australia in 1789. With a contemporary alt/pop score by Linda and Laura Good… [read more]

Leaving Eden

Leaving Eden

Book and Lyrics by Jenny Waxman; Music by Ben Page; Additional Music by Ada Westfall

Woman and Man will never be the same. In the beginning God created man and woman; Adam and Lilith. Lilith has some questions, Adam has some rules, and in a modern metropolis, Eve must deal with a mess of her own creation. Leaving Eden is a punk-rock… [read more]

Mississippi the Musical

Mississippi the Musical

Book, Music & Lyrics; Gregory James Tornquist

With a soulful, bluesy, soundtrack, Mississippi the Musical is a mixed race, gothic tale of a troubled white girl, Kitten, acknowledging her racism, evolving and embracing the reality that change is required of her and everyone in Hope River. The music… [read more]

My Real Mother

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Riley Thomas, based on the bestselling book Open: An Adoption Story in Three Voices.

Alaina and Alex are strangers when Alaina and her husband adopt Alex's baby girl, but they form an unexpected bond that transforms them both. Chronicling 25 years of their tumultuous and powerful relationship, Alaina and Alex make up the rules as they go… [read more]

Overture the Musical

Overture the Musical

Book by Krista Eyler and Barbara Nichols; Music and lyrics by Krista Eyler

This is a story about saving something beautiful. Overture celebrates the extraordinary grass-roots effort to help the Kansas City Philharmonic survive during its 1953-1954 season. In 1953, the Kansas City Philharmonic debuted its first opera festival and… [read more]

Perfectly Victorian

Perfectly Victorian

Music by Bryan Adam, Book and Lyrics by Bryan Adam and Matthew Kelly

Lady Sterling, a freethinking Victorian Era woman, goes behind her husband’s back and befriends his newest patient, a transgender woman named Nancy. Defying both her husband’s instructions and “proper” Victorian etiquette, Lady secretly helps Nancy embrace… [read more]

Queen E: The Reluctant Royal

Book and lyrics by Leola Floren Gee; Music by Rick Lukianuk

Misogyny, check. Xenophobia, check. Traitorous sycophants, check. King Xerxes of Persia sponsors a beauty pageant in order to replace his stubborn wife with a submissive one. The mysterious Esther wins, becoming an undercover bride whose secret mission is… [read more]



Book by Leo Schwartz and DC Cathro; Music and Lyrics by Leo Schwartz

TILL is the emotional and moving true story of Emmett and Mamie Till. In 1955, a black teenager visiting relatives in Mississippi was murdered. His body was thrown in the Tallahatchie River where it was discovered three days later, mutilated and… [read more]

Underground: An Urban Tale

Book by John Viscardi; Music by Thomas Hodges; Lyrics by Thomas Hodges

Underground: An Urban Tale is a feel-good musical about a teenage girl who travels with her brother underground into the subway tunnels of New York in search of a story for her documentary. On her journey she encounters a hopeful and charismatic group of… [read more]