The Festival provides artists with the resources and funding to mount full-scale productions, offering them the opportunity to share their work with a wider audience and with industry leaders. Thanks to NYMF, many of the musicals featured over the past 12 years have gone on to futher productions and found great success in theaters on Broadway and around the globe. As an international capital of the performing arts, our city is proud to be known as an incubator for tomorrow's biggest shows, and I applaud this organization for ensuring the we maintain this reputation for many years to come.

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City
Photo: Office of the Mayor

The Festival

NYMF is the largest annual musical theatre festival in America. Each summer the Festival presents Full Productions, Concerts, and Readings in the heart of New York City's Theater District.

NYMF is musical theatre's answer to the independent film movement, combining a grassroots festival model with a technical framework geared specifically to musicals. Located in the heart of the world’s largest theater district - midtown Manhattan, the Festival provides or subsidizes all the key components needed to realize a show, from theaters and technical equipment to marketing, industry and audience outreach, giving independent artists and emerging producers resources and opportunities they couldn’t otherwise access or afford, and giving rise to dozens of new works each summer.

The Festival provides theater lovers and industry scouts the opportunity to sample an unprecedented array of work, take risks on new artists, and to see some of the hottest musical theatre talent tackling new roles in an intimate, affordable setting. Representing the diversity of the art form, the Festival's shows range from the serious to the ridiculous, from conventional musical comedies to avant-garde works, from operetta to punk rock, and everything in between.

With roughly 1,000 artists taking part in the Festival each summer, NYMF provides a fertile creative community that brings together both talented newcomers and some of New York's most established artists. The Festival provides writers, directors, actors, producers, choreographers, and designers at all stages of their careers valuable opportunities to take creative risks, hone their crafts, and expand their horizons.

For new musical theatre writers, the Festival offers an all-too-rare chance to fully realize their shows in three dimensions with top-flight collaborators – an experience that is essential for the development of exciting new work.