Producing a Developmental Reading

Developmental Readings:

Part of NYMF’s mission is to develop and nurture new musicals.  As such, we have a robust developmental reading process.  Like the rest of NYMF, you and your producing partners are responsible for all the aspects of producing your show – such as casting, rehearsals, show-specific staffing, but the focus of the work is not on production values, it is on the work itself.  


NYMF provides the following resources:

  • A small venue to perform your show.
  • A limited light plot- the focus is on the script itself
  • A keyboard or piano, music stands, chairs, etc.;
  • A production manager, box office manager, and house manager;
  • Marketing assistance through the NYMF website, Festival-wide materials and advertising, Festival press/media outreach, and promotional events
  • Access to NYMF-specific discounts on rehearsal space, costumes, and other equipment, and on outside marketing and printing for your NYMF production 
  • A dramaturg who will meet with you and respond to at least 3 drafts of your show
  • Fiscal sponsorship enabling donors to make fully tax-deductible donations to support your production. This requires an additional agreement between NYMF and your producing company. NYMF also has relationships with private funders who may offer grant opportunities dedicated to festival participants.


What do I have to pay for?

  • Participation Fee
    Developmental Staged Readings pay a $1,000 participation fee upon acceptance to secure their spot in the festival.
    In addition to these fees, you will still have to cover the specific production costs of your show, including:
    • Per Performance Production Fee 
      This fee covers a pro-rated portion of the space rental. The fee varies from $100 to $150 per performance, depending on the venue.

In addition to these fees, you will still have to cover the specific production costs of your show, including:

  • Actors and Stage Managers – If you chose to use AEA actors, there is a stipend of $300/AEA member for up to 29 hours of rehearsal.
  • Other Production Staff  - Director, Musical Director, Musicians, etc.
  • Rehearsal Space - We will help by securing discounts for festival participants, but rehearsals are entirely your responsibility.
  • Advertising and other administrative costs.

All in, your production may cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the size of your cast, band and rehearsal space.