NYMF Invited Productions

Invited Productions

Invited Productions are selected for the Festival on a rolling basis. They receive 5 performances in the Festival each summer. This is no fee to apply, however Invited Productions are not offered the same level of administrative and dramaturgical support that the Next Link Projects receive.
In order to apply to be an Invited Production, please send the following materials to our Programming department at literary@nymf.org with the subject line, "NYMF Invited Production Consideration: Title of Show." Please note: if the below materials are not included, your application cannot be considered. 
Invited Production inquiries are open now through February 1, 2019.

Please do not check in on the status of your submission. If you apply during Next Link Project submissions, we will be in touch in early 2019 if we are interested in discussing the project's participation in the Festival further.

Invited Production Required Materials

  • A complete script

  • A link to demo recordings, containing at least 50% of the songs in the show. Video recordings are not recommended.

  • A 2-3 page synopsis, noting the placement of songs included on the demo recording.

  • Author bios and Production History

  • If applicable: Proof of rights to adapt any underlying material (e.g. the movie on which your show is based) or to include any material by other authors (e.g. songs by third-party artists), if any such material is not in the public domain.

Email literary@nymf.org to apply for an Invited Production in the 2019 Festival