No matter what stage of its life your work is in, NYMF and its network have access to anything you could possibly need to develop it. Whether it's dramaturgical support or production/personnel assistance, they can point you in the right direction. They're not going to do it for you, which is the best part. You're going to walk away from your NYMF experience having grown as an artist. I've often said I should be the spokesperson for NYMF, because I can't say enough good things about it. 

Riley Thomas, Writer
Photo: Riley Thomas

Submit a Show

The New York Musical Festival is the largest annual musical theater event in the nation. We present a wide array of theatrical events in our annual Festival including Productions, Concerts, Beta Workshops, and Developmental Readings. Read below to figure out which is the best approach for your show!


Writing a musical requires years of hard, solitary work.  As soon as you finish a draft, the rewriting process begins.  A show will often have numerous readings, but there comes a time when you need to see your show up on its feet, in front of an audience. If this sounds like your show, a developmental production in the Festival may be the right avenue for you. Productions receive 5 performances over the course of one week during the summer Festival. There are two categories of Productions: The Next Link Project and Invited Production.

Next Link Project
The Next Link Project is the cornerstone of NYMF’s Programming. It is open to any writer, produced or unproduced, with or without agency representation. Next Link shows receive entrepreneurial training, networking opportunities, dramaturgical support, and a $5,000 financial subsidy towards their participation. To submit a show, you must have a finished draft of a script and at least 75% of the songs recorded. All entries undergo double-blind evaluations by several members of NYMF's reading committee, with finalists reviewed by our Grand Jury of industry professionals. For a list of FAQ's and to learn more about submitting a show for the Next Link Project on the Next Link Project, click here.

Submissions for the 2019 Next Link Project are now closed.

Invited Productions
Next Link and Invited Productions share the same production values, however Invited Productions submit directly to the Programming Department. Invited Productions do not often need the same level of dramaturgical guidance, financial support, or producer training that Next Link Projects receive. A benefit of being an Invited Production is that they are notified of their admittance to the Festival on a rolling basis. To learn more or apply to be an Invited Production, click here.


NYMF nurtures new musicals in our developmental reading series. A dramaturg designated by NYMF will meet with the writing team monthly over a series of 3-4 months. They provide concrete feedback on your draft (in terms of plot and character development, tone, style, etc), deadlines for rewrites, and assistance in hiring your creative team (if needed). The process culminates in a staged reading with three presentations, with a day or two between each, which are free to the public. The audience is invited to fill out a dramaturgical survey specifically tailored to your show. The feedback is compiled by your dramaturg and given to the writing team between presentations so that they may implement changes or cuts for the following reading presentations.

To be considered for the Developmental Reading Series, you must apply as a Next Link Project. If you are specifically interested in the Developmental Reading Series, please include that in your Production History PDF.


Our Beta Musical Series provides new musicals that are past the stage of a reading, but not quite ready for production, the opportunity to creatively develop on their feet. Beta musicals are often presented with script in hand and focus on exploring one or two key creative elements such as choreography, projection design, costume design, or puppetry.

At this time, the BETA Musical Series is by invitation only.


To apply for a Concert, email with the subject line, "NYMF Concert Consideration: Title of Show or Artist." Please include at least 50% of the music you are interested in showcasing and a blurb on the concert. Concert inquiries are open now through February 1, 2019.
Please note that NYMF Concerts are focused on music (i.e. song cycle) and may not include book scenes, though they may include narration and banter.