NYMF was my first serious theatrical internship, and I'm so glad that it was. In my few months at NYMF, I received an incomparable amount of industry exposure because of how many Festival shows and creative teams I corresponded with on a daily basis. And I know I have many contacts at NYMF who I can turn to as recommenders and mentors in the future.

Eli Schleicher, former Programming Intern.
Photo: Maggie Latona


The New York Musical Theatre Festival's internship program exposes young professionals to the world of non-profit theatre administration. Interns are active participants in the day-to-day operations of all facets of the company. Specifically, their relationships with their supervisor ensure that they are not only gaining valuable skills, but also receiving support and feedback.

Internships are available year-round in Producing, Marketing, Programming, and General Management. Adiditional summer internships are available in Audience Services, Production Management, and Operations. Internships are open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as early-career professionals. All interns receive a monthly travel stipend after successful completion of their internship. Alternatively, college credit can be arranged in lieu of a stipend.

Our program dates are:

FALL: August to December

SPRING: January to May

SUMMER: Late May to Early August

We are currently not accepting submissions, but please check back in March for summer internship applications. You can also email jobs@nymf.org for more information. 


The Programming team is instrumental in all artistic decisions related to NYMF. From selecting productions for the Festival to working with creative teams at every step of the process to organizing public and private events throughout the year, the Programming team is consistently taking on new projects. The Programming Intern reports directly to the Director of Programming and Artist Services. The ideal candidate will have the ability to work independently, strong communication skills, and both literary and theatrical interests.

Ideal for:

Those pursuing careers in Theatrical Programming, Creative Producing, Literary Management, Dramaturgy, Playwriting and/or Theatrical Composition, or Artistic Direction.


Our Marketing team uses their communication skills to let the world know that "Musicals Live Here" at NYMF. This team plays a critical role in coordinating a unified voice for all communications and help to sustain our fun and festive image in an ever-changing theatrical landscape. The Marketing Intern reports directly to the Creative Director. The ideal candidate will be an organized self-starter with an interest in marketing or related fields and have a great passion for musical theatre. Light graphic design experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign is preferred.

Ideal for:

Those majoring in Marketing, Journalism, Communications, Public Relations, Social Media, Advertising, Sales, Business, Psychology, Travel/ Hospitality Management, Creative Problem Solving, Economics, Finance, and MBA students.


Each member of the General Management team works to contract and execute all programs related to the Festival. Through daily correspondence with representatives from each Festival show, along with venues, unions, and other theatrical organizations, the GM team ensures the continued functionality and viability of the Festival. The ideal candidate will be an organized, independent worker with an interest in any field of theatrical management or administration, along with a special place in their heart for musical theatre.

Ideal for:

Those pursuing careers in General Management, Company Management, Event Coordination, Theatre Administration, or Producing.


Working directly with the Executive Director & Producer of the Festival, the Producing Intern will have the opportunity to contribute to all aspects and departments of the Festival. The ideal candidate will be independent, organized, highly proficient in researching, writing, and editing, and will also have a love of musical theatre.

Ideal for:

Those pursuing careers in Producing, Development, or Theatrical or Non-Profit Administration.

Here’s what past NYMFterns have to say:

“My NYMFternship was my first introduction to the world of professional, non-profit NY theatre. As a student actor at a Southern liberal arts university, I'd had little to no exposure to most aspects of professional production aside from performance, but had always had a desire to learn — and what better way than to dive headfirst into a theatre festival of NYMF's scope and reach? I got to brush up against both new faces and established voices in the industry, hugely expanded my repertoire of marketable knowledge and skills, and made lasting friendships and professional relationships. It also led to my current adventure in the start-up theatre arm of a major motion picture studio. An internship with NYMF is an incredible springboard if you're willing to make the leap.”

- Connor Brockmeier, former Production Management Intern; current Assistant to the Creative Director, Fox Stage Productions

"My internship experience at NYMF was a remarkably personal one. All of the supervisors truly care about what YOU hope to get out of your time at NYMF and they will ensure the nourishment of your personal interests, such as conducting intern sessions with experts from all areas of theater that are entirely based on your interests."

– Alexandra Blankman, former Producing Intern; current Junior at Boston University 

"NYMF inspires and teaches young industry professionals about the next generation of theatre. As a General Management Intern, I stood on the frontlines of the intricacies of producing, dealing with artists, writers, producers, and actors alike; I witnessed the music and words -- captured and bound on paper in black-and-white -- and helped transform mere ideas into ground-breaking musicals, alive in vivid color for the world to see. NYMF answers essential, burning questions about how to understand the business: How should we read a script? What does it take to produce a show? How do we navigate through the finances? How do we execute an effective marketing strategy? My experience with NYMF connected me with the art of theatre, developing a conversation about what it takes to put on a show, bringing me as close to the action as anyone could get, and ultimately reminding me why we do what we do."

 Addison O'Donnell, former General Management intern; current J.D. Candidate at Syracuse University College of Law

“The New York Musical Theatre Festival internship is one of the craziest, busy, and most fun experiences that a theatre practitioner can do. As an Intern for this Festival you get to meet a lot of great people across many different shows and positions, something a lot of internships don’t allow you to do. Personally, I have been able to meet professional production managers and stage managers as well as some of my favorite theatre artists including Tom Kitt and Alice Ripley. Something that I truly love about the NYMF Internship is that you get the chance to work in the theatre capital of the world while helping, in all aspects, the development of a new generation of musical theatre. Being a NYMF-tern throws you into the world of musical theatre and I have found that musicals do really live here.”

– Seth Betzler, former Production Management Intern; current Junior at Truman State University and former Production Assistant at Spring Awakening on Broadway 2015


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