Mythos: The Crimson Chorus

Book & Lyrics by Heather Jopling; Music by David Velarde

The Rock Opera with Bite
An arrogant vampire is cursed to love and lose the same human for all eternity. Will they find redemption or be forever cursed? Vanity, vengeance and vampires reign supreme in this original dramatic rock opera. With a powerful rock orchestral score, Mýthos weaves an atypical fable. Through diverse casting & fluid character portrayals, Mýthos challenges conventional expectations of attraction. Each performance will be cast uniquely - abandoning the traditional to embrace the alternative. Come out and enjoy a little bite with us!

Mythos: The Crimson Chorus - TRADITIONAL casting
Thursday, Aug 2 @ 6:00 p.m.
Mythos: The Crimson Chorus - ALTERNATIVE casting
Friday, Aug 3 @ 7:00 p.m.
Mythos: The Crimson Chorus - LGBTQ+ casting
Saturday, Aug 4 @ 3:00 p.m.
Running Time: 90 minutes
The Green Room 42
Heather Jopling

Heather Jopling (Writer (Book, Music, Lyrics))

Heather Jopling (Librettist) has written screenplays, children books, and short stories. An actor from the age of 11, Heather has also written and performed four autobiographical one-woman shows. Heather was also part of the creative team for Project Girl: Congo (Girl Be Heard), which has since gone on to perform at the United Nations and The White House. A traditional surrogate for a gay couple, Heather frequently speaks to the LGBTQ+ community about her experiences.

David Velarde

David Velarde (Writer (Book, Music, Lyrics))

David Velarde (Composer) graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music. David toured fourteen different countries, for fifteen years, performing lead roles in National Broadway and European Tours. David, an award-winning poet and songwriter, co-wrote Aloha Miles Away with international recording artist Scott Katsura and won the 2005 Hawaiian Music Award for "Best Pop Album of the Year." His werewolf rock musical Autumn Moon premiered Off-Broadway in 2006.