Book, Music, and Lyrics by Julie Dunlap & Sara Stotts

Celebrating the mother you never thought you should be.

Rachael, wide-eyed and optimistic, is elated to finally put her party days behind and become a mom... #YAY! Angie has pre-enrolled her unborn child in the most exclusive all-girls preschool (definitely a girl, she already has a boy). After three kids, Marcia thought she was done. Is it bad that she doesn’t want to cancel her wine of the month club or stop having sex on her back? With a soundtrack ranging from rock to pop to funk and more, join these three unlikely friends as they bond in the trenches from pregnancy tests to empty nests, dominating the diapers and tackling the teens with unmotherly charm, one bottle at a time!

Recommended for ages 16+

Running time: 1 hour 35 minutes

Julie Dunlap

Julie Dunlap (Book, Music, Lyrics)

A graduate of the University of Kansas with a degree in Human Biology, Julie (Book, Music, Lyrics) used her degree to make four humans, chronicling her child-rearing adventures in a weekly humor column for several years before convincing her favorite Chicago-based rocker to collaborate on their first full-length musical, MOTHERFREAKINGHOOD!. Julie is a Freelance Writer and television talk show host in Lawrence, Kansas, where she lives with her husband and four kids (except the one in college).

Sara Stotts

Sara Stotts (Book, Music, Lyrics)

Sara (Book, Music, Lyrics) has performed sketch comedy and improv in Chicago at The Annoyance Theater and the Skybox at The Second City and as the female lead in the original funk/blues band Chubby Nothin’ and The Bone. She met Julie, her Co-Writer, and best roommate ever, at the University of Kansas. After receiving her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Northwestern University, she married a steadfastly patient man and produced two active children, giving her endless material for MOTHERFREAKINGHOOD!.