By Erin Leigh Peck

This month, New York celebrates musical theatre as the New York Musical Theatre Festival debuts thirty new productions. Three of the shows are perfect for family audiences. This is a great (and rare) opportunity for you to introduce your child to a brand new show in development. Today's festival presentations could be tomorrow's Off-Broadway hits.

"NYMF has had a long standing history of including Family shows in our programming," says Mary Kate Burke, Director Of Programming?for NYMF. "This year we are delighted that two of our Family shows are based on beloved literature."

For more information on NYMF and it's family-friendly programming, visit Most tickets are $25 or less. Here's a run-down of three great NYMF pics for you to enjoy with your children:


BEST FOR: Ages 5 and up.

WHEN: July 18, 8pm; July 20, 1pm; July 24, 1pm; July 27, 5pm; July 28, 1pm

A beloved literary classic comes to life in this hilarious and inspiring new musical for the whole family. Adopted by the Cuthberts at Green Gables, precocious orphan Anne takes on town gossip Mrs. Lynde, mean girl Josie Pye, and gorgeous but arrogant classmate Gilbert Blythe, turning each bend in the road into a path straight to your heart. 


BEST FOR: Ages 5 and up.

WHEN: July 9, 8pm; July 10, 1pm; July 13, 4:30pm and 8pm; July 14, 11am

Bigfoot exists! While visiting a national park with his parents, young Sam runs off and encounters Arthur, a kindhearted Sasquatch who is also lost. They join forces to find their way home - but first they'll have to outwit the quirky locals and a sensationalistic media crew. This rockin' musical romp in the woods offers hilarious social commentary on human-Sasquatch relations and a reminder that there's no place like home!


BEST FOR: Ages 7 and up.

WHEN: July 9, 8pm; July 10, 1pm; July 13, 1pm; July 14, 1pm; July 17, 9pm

The intrepid Robinson Family finds their ship caught in a monstrous typhoon and their ship's crew nowhere in sight. Marooned on an apparently deserted island, they must rescue their hopes and dreams for a new life. Wait... Do you hear drums? Jungle drums?