Backstage With NYMF Musicals

TDF Stages

"Now! I have my chaaaance!", croons Raúl, the young Mexican entrepreneur at the center of Children of Salt, one of 18 full productions at this summer's New York Musical Festival (NYMF). Raul could be signing for the hundreds of artists who gather each summer for an opportunity to be discovered by NYMF audiences.

The festival is dedicated to presenting new musicals of all styles, and this year's incarnation runs through August 7. I had the chance to visit rehearsals for four of the current productions, and whether I was speaking to early-career directors or seasoned Broadway veterans, I was always curious to ask the same question: In the vast field of musical theatre, where so many people are struggling to get their work seen and heard, what does a festival like this offer a new show?

Or to put it more simply: Why NYMF?