The New York Musical Festival (NYMF) announced today further selections for 2017 NYMF. A series of developmental readings, invited productions, concerts and Beta Events will join the initially announced Next Link Projects and invited productions. Now in its fourteenth year,the 2017 Festival will take place July 10th through August 6th at locations around midtown Manhattan in New York City. Dan Markley serves as NYMF Executive Director & Producer and Rachel Sussman serves as Director of Programming & Artist Services.

NYMF Passes are now on sale and offer discounted tickets, early ticket booking, and priority seating. Individual tickets for 2017 NYMF go on sale on June 15. Visit nymf.org/tickets for more information.   


Book by Jason Jacobs; Music by Matthew C. Pritchard; Lyrics by Matthew C. Pritchard & Jason Jacobs

1969 New Orleans: it’s standing room only. The band starts the opening number for Miss Blanche, the hottest act in the Quarter - but Miss Blanche is missing in action. Instead, a fiery young man takes the stage. Relaying tales from his brutal childhood, he reveals a mysterious trunk, filled with clues about his past and the key to his future. Inspired by the imagination of Tennessee Williams, this intimate and seductive show takes us on one man’s journey of desire, self-expression, and liberation.

Learn more: nymf.org/missblanche

Book, Music and Lyrics by Jami-Leigh Bartschi

Follow the legendary friendship of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. Through the mystery, action, and cleverness woven throughout Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, MY DEAR WATSON looks beyond the realm of narrative and into the heart of the man himself...that is, if he has one at all. In this dramatic musical told from the perspective of Dr. Watson, we are forced to reanalyze and redefine love and friendship for a man who is seemingly incapable of both. Is there a man in the machine?

Learn more: nymf.org/mydearwatson

Book by David Mauk & Brenda Mandabach; Music and Lyrics by David Mauk

In this wicked retelling of the classic novel by H.G. Wells, a troubled inventor discovers a modern dystopia where machines are nonexistent and love is forbidden. Extraordinary events force him to venture underground where he must face the demons that control his future.

Learn more: nymf.org/timemachine



Book by Bethie Fowler; Music and Lyrics by Jenna Mate

Many years from now, as humanity faces the ravages of climate change, the government has tried but failed to combat nature with technology. Amidst the chaos, a young woman called Eco searches for her family. With a contemporary-pop soundtrack, and the intensity of a YA novel, this new musical aims to empower young people to join the fight against climate change. ECO is a musical about the courage it takes to discover your voice, and the great power that can emerge once you find it. #HearHerCall

Learn more: nymf.org/eco

Book, Music & Lyrics by Shayna Toh

Torn between a possessive mother, her childhood sweetheart, Jake and spirited friends, Wendy deserts home in search of city lights, fame, and a long-lost father. 7 years later, Wendy and Jake's destinies once again intertwine. With rekindled love within grasp, Wendy must first find her own truth - only to confront having her pursuit of stardom cross fatefully with the uncovering of a dark family secret. FIREFLY IN THE LIGHT is a pop/rock musical about ambition, loyalty and truth of identity.

Learn more: nymf.org/firefly

Book by David Nehls & Zac Miller; Music & Lyrics by David Nehls; Additional Lyrics by Zac Miller

KILLER WIGS FROM OUTER SPACE is the story of Orville, a carnival handyman attacked by a galactic, brain eating parasite. This alien from another planet transforms Orville into a rock and roll prophet for peace with out of this world hair. Battling forces of evil with several colorful characters, we follow him on an epic operatic journey to save our world.

Learn more: nymf.org/killerwigs

Book, Music & Lyrics by Rachel Covey

PAINTING FAYE SALVEZ is a new musical about the family and friends of Faye Salvez, a teenage girl who’s been missing for three years. Faye’s mother, in an attempt to save her crumbling marriage, has commissioned an artist to paint a family portrait. This artist insists on interviewing Faye’s loved ones in an effort to truthfully capture her in the painting. When tensions build and memories clash, the family is faced with the question: is it the responsibility of an artist to present the truth, even if it’s not what an audience wants to see?

Learn more: nymf.org/fayesalvez

Book by Rebecca Aparicio; Music & Lyrics by Stephen Anthony Elkins

Based on the real-life events of Operación Pedro Pan, a young boy is sent to the U.S. to escape the growing dangers of post-revolutionary Cuba. To survive, Pedro must learn a new language and a new culture - while hoping to someday be reunited with his parents. With a score featuring the percussive rhythms of Havana to 60’s New York soul, PEDRO PAN examines what it means to be a displaced immigrant in America. Named Top 10 Off-Off B'way Shows 2015 (MWAT) and Theatre Is Easy's Best Bet 2015.

Learn more: nymf.org/pedropan

Book and Music by Morgan Hollingsworth; Lyrics based on the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, Virginia Clemm Poe & Frances Sargent Osgood

THE HOUSE OF EDGAR ALLAN POE is a musical based on the life and work of the famous author and poet of horror. As Edgar Allan Poe grieves the inevitable death of his wife, he calls upon his past lover, the raven-esque Sarah Shelton, to help him cope with the grief. As she tries to comfort him, Poe struggles to discern his memories from his own tales of the grotesque. With a score that voices the romantic and nightmarish pangs of his poetry, the poet must come to terms with his past before he can face his inevitable future: death.

Learn more: nymf.org/edgarallanpoe

Book, Music & Lyrics by John Carden & Nolan Doran; Additional Book by Nick Corley

WOODY - A NEW FAIRY TALE is a quirky musical adventure about a young man looking to find connection in a world that's becoming increasingly disconnected. Join us as we set loose characters from Collodi's classic Pinocchio into today's modern sexual landscape. Romance, Drag Divas, Virtual Reality, Show Tunes, World Domination, Wooden Boys, Splinters, and Disco, all in 90 minutes! This ain't your Momma's Pinocchio!

Learn more: nymf.org/woody


Created by Star Johnson

Washington D.C. bred writer and composer, Star Johnson brings a night of hip-hop, soul and pop infused musical theatre to the stage in her NYMF concert. #BLACKGIRLJOY explores the growing pains and pratfalls of young adulthood and celebrates the beauty of getting back up. Featuring pieces from How to Quit Your Day Job (54 Below), Flattops and F Words (Kennedy Center) and other works in development, this unique and funky concert is for anyone who loves equally Stephen Sondheim and Lauryn Hill.

Learn more: nymf.org/starjohnson

Music by Patrick Greeley; Lyrics by William Shakespeare

Energetic and innovative, THE SHAKESPEAREAN JAZZ SHOW reinvigorates and recontextualizes Shakespearean performance. Experience how the loose, improvisatory nature of jazz music can free Shakespearean text, allowing the feeling and intent of the words to be expressed in a completely new way. The Nine Worthies provide an unforgettable parade of Shakespearean sonnets, songs, and scenes composed to original New Orleans-style jazz. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the playful antics and soulful music live in THE SHAKESPEAREAN JAZZ SHOW!

Learn more: nymf.org/jazzshow

Book by Chelsea Hickman; Music & Lyrics by Kira Stone

Stinging from old and recent loss, childhood neighbors Sam and Lindsay reunite by chance on Seattle’s light rail. As they begin to fall in love, they slowly learn that healing can be found in the most unusual places, and in other people just as broken as themselves. In this original contemporary musical by Kira Stone, innovative movement and music combine to depict the realities of people living with mental illness, and the power we all have to live imperfectly and beautifully.

Learn more: nymf.org/lightrail


Book, Music & Lyrics by Dan Manjovi

As the owners of Party City Now rebrand their wedding business to embrace marriage equality, Dave, their gay music director, has never felt more alone. Doomed to a life of playing weddings, Dave longs for love of his own. But, when he’s forced to sing a duet with human rights attorney Harris, sparks ignite and hope is born. As three diverse couples struggle to find compromise, this new romantic musical comedy I AM, I WILL, I DO teaches us that perhaps being “outside the norm” is the new normal.

Learn more: nymf.org/iamiwill

Book, Music and Lyrics by Joel Stein; Book and Additional Lyrics by Doug Kreeger & Elizabeth Yng-Wong

An audience-immersive rock-opera experience, THE DEMISE is a cross between Alice in Wonderland, The Wiz, and Dante's Inferno. The show pushes the boundaries between reality and theater, making an audience member the star of the show. Exploring themes of isolation and the quest for inspiration in the midst of personal despair, THE DEMISE ultimately celebrates the beautiful, complex nature of our world.

Learn more: nymf.org/thedemise