The New York Musical Festival (NYMF) announced the winners of the 2016 NYMF Awards for Excellence and Show-Score Best of Fest Awards, which were awarded on Sunday, August 7, 2016 at 42West (415 42nd Street). The 2016 NYMF Award for Best Musical Sponsored by Play-by-Play was awarded to Newton’s Cradle, with the Show-Score Best of Fest Awards for Readings, Concerts/Events and Productions, going to Artemis in the Parking Lot, iLLA: A Hip Hop Musical and Children of Salt respectively. Newton’s Cradle took home the most awards, with Dust Can’t Kill Me and A Scythe of Time taking home multiple prizes as well.

The 2016 NYMF Awards for Excellence were designed by Kevin Lee Allen and generously commissioned by Hugh Hayes, a longstanding NYMF Board Member and friend of the Festival. 

A full list of winners can be found below.

Outstanding Overall Design
A Scythe of Time
Scenic Design by Starlet Jacobs; Costume Design by Lindsay McWilliams; Lighting Design by Nick Solyom; Sound Design by David Margolin Lawson; Projection Design by Dan Scully

Outstanding Musical Arrangements and Orchestrations
Max Gordon & DJ Stanfil
Dust Can’t Kill Me

Outstanding Choreography
Andrew Palermo
Nickel Mines

Outstanding Book
Aya Aziz
Eh Dah? Questions for my Father 

Outstanding Lyrics
Heath and Kim Saunders
Newton’s Cradle 

Outstanding Music
Elliah Heifetz
Dust Can’t Kill Me  

Outstanding Individual Performance
Aya Aziz, Eh Dah? Questions for my Father
Adrian Blake Enscoe, Dust Can't Kill Me
Rosemary Fossee, The First Church of Mary, the Repentant Prostitute's Fifth Annual Benefit Concert, Revival and Pot Luck Dinner
Michael Graceffa, The Last Word
Brendan Malafronte, LUDO's Broken Bride
April Ortiz, Children of Salt
Rachel Kara Perez, Newton's Cradle
Sabina Petra, Forest Boy
Tony Sheldon, Icon
Philip Jackson Smith, The Last Word 

Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role
Elizabeth A. Davis, Dust Can't Kill Me
Trent Saunders, Newton's Cradle 

Outstanding Direction
Victoria Clark, Newton's Cradle 

Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role
Lesli Margherita, A Scythe of Time
Andrea Jones-Sojola, Newton's Cradle 

Outstanding Ensemble
Dust Can't Kill Me
Michael Castillejos, Richard Crandle, Elizabeth A. Davis, Adrian Blake Enscoe, Kathryn Gallagher, Paul Hinkes

Best Musical sponsored by Play-by-Play
Newton's Cradle
Music by Heath Saunders
Lyrics by Heath & Kim Saunders
Book by Kim Saunders 

Show-Score Best of Fest: Reading
Artemis in the Parking Lot. Book and Lyrics by Shayok Misha Chowdhury; Music and Lyrics by Laura Grill 

Show-Score Best of Best: Concert/Event
iLLA: A Hip Hop Musical. Book, Music, and Lyrics by Ronvé O’Daniel; Music by Jevares Myrick; Story Consultant J Kyle Manzay; Music Consultant Will Stone 

Show-Score Best of Fest: Production
Children of Salt. Music by Jaime Lozano; Book and Lyrics by Lauren Epsenhart 

Special Citations
Best performance by a Last Minute Understudy - Alex Gudhe, A Scythe of Time
Fight Choreography - Mick Bleyer, THE GOLD
Social Relevance and Impact - Andrew Palermon, Dan Dyer, Shannon Stoeke, Nickel Mines
Outstanding Emerging Artist - Jaime Jarrett, Normativity
Outstanding Family-Friendly Show (Created by the NYMF Board of Directors' Executive Committee) – Camp Rolling Hills and Tink!

Awards per show:

Newton's Cradle 6
Dust Can't Kill Me 5
A Scythe of Time 3
Nickel Mines 2
Eh Dah? Questions for my Father 2
The Last Word 2
Children of Salt 2
The First Church of Mary, the Repentant Prostitute's Fifth Annual Benefit Concert, Revival and Pot Luck Dinner 1
LUDO's Broken Bride 1
Forest Boy 1
Camp Rolling Hills 1
Tink! 1
Artemis in the Parking Lot 1
iLLA: A Hip Hop Musical 1