Die Vampire, Die! Creativity Workshop with Susan Blackwell

Susan Blackwell

Die Vampire, Die! Creativity Workshop with Susan Blackwell

at Castillo Theatre

  • Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 10:00 am

You have a story to tell...

Are you a creative challenge-seeker looking for a fun, safe environment to try something new?

An artist craving a sense of creative agency? 
A bad-@$$ who seeks to be bad-@$$ vampire slayer?

Dig this: a creative life is a series of learnable skills that are practiced regularly. But as much as we might yearn to be more creative, sometimes inner (+ outer) voices can get in the way. We call those voices 'vampires', and we want them to shut the hell up so you can get back to making great stuff.

Based on the song ‘Die Vampire, Die!’ (LISTEN) from the hit Broadway musical [title of show] (which began at NYMF in 2004), a vampire is defined as ‘any person, thought or feeling that stands between you + your self expression’. This Die Vampire, Die! Creativity Workshop, created and led by [title of show] star Susan Blackwell, invites participants to get their creative juices flowing and their ideas up on their feet. Benefits:

Provides a fresh, practical creative process for novices + seasoned creatives.
Bolsters confident self-expression + bold risk-taking.
Empowers creativity of all kinds.
Puts you in the creative driver's seat.
Bonds new + established groups.
Makes good teams great.
Sets the stage for strong collaborations.
Helps you to recognize + tame your vampires.

Bring your favorite notebook, a pen, and an open mind!


Workshop will take place from 10 AM - 5 PM with a lunch break from 1-2 PM.
Castillo Theatre

This is an Educational Event: Our enlightening Educational Workshops help audiences to gain firsthand experience in an array of disciplines. Participation is limited so be sure to sign up before it’s too late!