Breaking Ground

Student Leadership Program

Breaking Ground

at The Green Room 42

  • Friday, July 27, 2018 at 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 3:00 pm

We are called millennials, generation Y, generation me, the internet generation, and much more. Whether we are ready or not, young people are carving the pathway for the future. Our song cycle, Breaking Ground, focuses on the unique issues facing our generation such as social media, hook up culture, college debt, job scarcity, and gun violence on campuses, to name a few. Through a wide variety of genres and styles, Breaking Ground explores how the millennial generation engages and tries to fit in this ever-changing, modern world.

The 2018 Student Leaders include:

Isobel Duncan (Ithaca College), Peri Ganbarg (Muhlenberg College), Brian Miseo (Penn State University), Sydney Prince (University of Michigan), Andrew Restieri (Northwestern University), Noah Turner (SUNY Fredonia).

Featuring performances by:

Leah Platt, Alexander Rios, Celena Vera Morgan, Clair Rachel Howell, Hannah Clarke Levine, Heather Sawyer, Kim Roth, Saidu Sinlah, Simon Schaitkin, Tyler Fauntleroy

With songs by:

Jordan Knitzer, Alec Steinhorn, Stephen Coakley, Alie Campbell, Zev Burrows, Carrie Caffrey, Madeleine Moran, Benjamin Weiss, Melissa Weisbach, Adam David, Karl Munroe, Ben Rowley, Sasha Bartol, Jeffrey Morse, Josua Lutian, Katie Monteleone, Elias Kotsis, Luke Clements, Jacob Randall Holmes, Max Kasler, Gwen Wilkie, Kyle Reid Hass, Jeremy Swanton