The Dead Legend

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Michael Gilboe with the students of the University of Great Falls

The Dead Legend

at PTC Performance Space

  • Friday, July 12, 2013 at 4:30 pm
  • Friday, July 12, 2013 at 8:00 pm
  • Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 12:00 pm

The celebrity performances never stop at The Dead Legend, an afterlife nightclub emceed by Harry Houdini. But when a mysterious woman dangles the chance for someone to “move on,” these legends must perform like never before, in this original musical written and performed by the musical theatre students of University of Great Falls, Montana.

Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes with intermission.

Keern Haslem

Keern Haslem (Author / Concept)

Keern Haslem is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Philosophy at UGF. He currently works at the Mansfield Box Office and has acted in many productions at UGF, including the original The Dead Legend  and Words Words Words. Keern got his name from an episode of Family Fued.

Emily Busby

Emily Busby (Composer/ Lyricist)

Emily Busby is a senior at UGF and will be graduating this spring. A singer-songwriter and track athlete, she has also graced our stage before in the original production of The Dead Legend, and as Roxie Hart in last fall's presentation of Chicago

Michael Gilboe

Michael Gilboe (Writer / Producer / Director)

Michael Gilboe is a graduate of Great Falls High School and the University of Montana. He is also an MFA Playwriting Candidate at Hollins University in Virginia. He was the founder of RST Spotlight Performing Arts Camp and The Green Room Community Theater. In 1999, he left Great Falls to pursue a music production career in New York City where he ran his own recording studio and production company in Times Square, producing albums for independent musicians and Tony, Emmy and Oscar-winning clients. He also founded and hosted the Broadway Bullet theatre podcast where he met and conducted in-depth interviews with many of the top theatre innovators of our time. He moved back to Great Falls in December of 2010 and became part of the University of Great Falls faculty and staff. An actor, director, musician, composer, arranger, playwright and producer, he is excited to be utilizing all of his various talents to foster student creativity on campus.

Sawyer Edmister

Sawyer Edmister (Additional book/ Frank Zappa)

Sawyer Edmister is an English major in his sophomore year here at UGF. He has lived all over Montana, but he proudly calls Great Falls his hometown. He is only doing theater as part of community service for decapitating eleven garden gnomes. Please know that he is always up for autographs.

Glen Weeks

Glen Weeks (Additional Book/ Chris Farley)

Glen Weeks was born to wealthy socialite parents who were tragically killed during a mugging attempt. Vowing revenge, Glen became a masked vigilante, cleaning up the streets and waging a one-man war against crime. When he's not doing that, he is writing and acting in this musical and completing a major in Computer Science at UGF.

Jeremy Hudson

Jeremy Hudson (Composer/ Lyricist / Bela Lugosi / William Shakespeare)

Jeremy Hudson is a part-time student from Great Falls. He works full time in hopes of attending film school one day. Jeremy appeared in Chicago this past fall. He is also a passionate musician who plays several instruments and helped write some of the songs for The Dead Legend.

Sarah Raines

Sarah Raines (Composer / Music Director/ Amy Winehouse)

Sarah Raines is the Choir Director here at the University of Great Falls, where she leads a group of fabulous students who perform gospel, jazz, classical and pop music. Sarah has her degree in classical voice from New York University. While there, she participated in several choirs, including the prestigious NYU Madrigal Singers. As a student, she also wrote and performed in an original play called “The Gift of Music,” which toured New York City. Currently, she sings in the Great Falls Symphonic Choir as a first soprano and featured soloist. Sarah’s interest also extends to musical theatre, where her roles have included Hope Harcourt in Anything Goes, Dorothy inThe Wizard of Oz and Judy Garland in last December’s UGF production, After Hours at the Dead Legend. Sarah has also musical directed ChicagoLost Legend of Camelotand the previous production of this show.

Kenneth Taylor

Kenneth Taylor (Composer / Lyricist / Humphrey Bogart)

Kenneth Taylor is a sophomore who gained his kicks in the slums of Cut Bank. His rough exterior only hides his beautiful and passionate soul for the arts, and is on his way to ruling the free world! Muhahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Altman

Rachel Altman (Judy Garland)

Rachel Altman is a freshman from South Lake Tahoe, CA. She is a pre-med student double majoring in biology and forensic science, with a minor in chemistry. Rachel played a murderess in Chicago here at UGF last semester and has thoroughly enjoyed being involved in theatre ever since. She is excited to have the opportunity to be in The Dead Legend.

Jessica Burton

Jessica Burton (Marilyn Monroe)

Jessica Burton is a sophomore from the rainy city of Vancouver, WA. After graduating high school in Cascade, Mt, she became an art major at UGF. For the past two years, Jessica has been involved with UGF Performing Arts, recently playing Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago. Jessica has always loved performing and is very passionate about the performing arts. Since the age of three, she has been involved with dance, music, and theater.

Amanda Cetnarowski

Amanda Cetnarowski (Ginger Rogers)

Amanda Cetnarowski is a sophomore and a forensic science major from Seattle, WA. Amanda has been active in the UGF theater for two years. During her first year at UGF she was an active techie before her role as Hunyak in Chicagothis academic year. Amanda also has the disctintion of having to learn a whole new character, having played Ginger Rogers in the Great Falls Production, and being re-written to Gloria Swanson for NYMF!

Janette Conley

Janette Conley (Rehearsal Swing / Backstage)

Janette Conley is a UGF alumni and Great Falls native who stepped out of character to be an actor in UGFest this January. She enjoyed it so much she just wouldn't leave, and probably never will. Might as well put her to work, right?

Tamara Greenlief

Tamara Greenlief (Charlie Chaplin / Elizabeth Taylor)

Tamara Greenlief is a junior from Newport, Or. She is majoring in Forensic Science and Chemistry with a minor in Criminal Justice at UGF. Tamara has been active in the UGF theatre program for two years, and has performed in every musical UGF has offered. Tamara played Hunyak in the musical Chicago last fall.

Aisha McManus

Aisha McManus (Mysterious Woman)

Aisha McManus is a Senior from Philadelphia, PA. She is a Forensic Science major. This is Aisha's fourth production with UGF Performing Arts. Her enjoyment for the theater reached a whole new level when she played Mama Morton in UGF's production of Chicago.

Kelsey McNeil

Kelsey McNeil (Lucille Ball)

Kelsey McNeil is a sophomore from Billings, Mt. She is majoring in forensic science but has been drawn to the theater since working as a techie on the original production of The Dead Legend last year. Kelsey began performing in the school's production of Words, Words, Words and has been hooked ever since, recently appearing in Chicago. She hopes to be in the theater for a long time to come.

EJ Moran

EJ Moran (Jim Henson / Set Design)

EJ Moran is a junior majoring in Computer Science at UGF. He has been involved in theater for almost 10 years, but this is his first time on stage during a performance. Typically a creature of the dark, this techie is stepping out to play the "famous techie." He can also be found working backstage during this show.

Kari Roat

Kari Roat (Minnie Pearl)

Kari Roat is a sophomore from Grass Range, Montana. She is double majoring in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies at UGF. Kari worked crew in last spring’s Lost Legend of Camelot. She also enjoys acting and is more than excited to perform in The Dead Legend.

Kaitlyn Taylor

Kaitlyn Taylor (Eartha Kitt)

Kaitlyn Taylor is a sophomore at Great Falls High School. She is in Delphian choir and recently took first place in the Great Falls Music Teachers Association singing competition. She loves singing and is excited to be acting in The Dead Legend after being on stage in Chicago.

Clayton Vermulm

Clayton Vermulm (Harry Houdini)

Clayton Vermulm grew up in the small town of Cut Bank, Montana. He is a senior at UGF majoring in English, History, and Secondary Education. His debut play was I Hate Hamlet earlier this semester. Clay cannot stay away from the theater now and is very excited to be a part of The Dead Legend. He hopes to continue acting into the foreseeable future.

Matt Way

Matt Way (Errol Flynn)

Matt Way is a Great Falls, MT community member who has been involved with UGF Performing Arts since spring of 2012. After playing Lancelot in last Spring’s Lost Legend of Camelot, he is excited to get a chance to perform in another original musical. Having been involved in theatre from a very young age (his mother put him in a production at the age of three), Matt has grown to love the stage as well as behind the scenes, and looks forward to many more productions.

Mary Wilmore

Mary Wilmore (Clara Bow)

Mary Wilmore is a Mathematics and Art major at UGF. She is a basketball player from Falcon, CO. She has been in theater for only two years, and loves it. She enjoys making people laugh at her crazy awesomeness, and feels that acting is going to be a great addition to her turbulent life.

Brendon Winston

Brendon Winston (Sid Vicious)

Brendon Winston is a sophomore at UGF and a former Southern Californianite. For reasons known only by himself, he decided to migrate to Great Falls for college, working towards a double major in History and Biology. In the meanwhile, he spends time at the UGF Theater, and has performed in over four productions.

Jackie Newman

Jackie Newman (Choreographer)

Jackie Newman recently taught dance at Miss Linda’s school of dance in Great Falls, and is currently opening her own studio. She also choreographed UGF’s production of Chicago.

Vicki Turnbull

Vicki Turnbull (Costume Design)

Vicki Turnbull is a graduate of Great Falls High where she was active in the theater department. She has a passion for costuming and renaissance faires. This passion eventually brought here full circle to working in theater again, as she did costuming for UGF’s I Hate Hamlet.

April Wendt

April Wendt (Lighting Design / Janis Joplin)

April Wendt was born and raised in Great Falls. She is a senior Mathematics and Secondary Education major at UGF. April would like to thank her daughter, Kail, for all her patience during the rehearsal process. April has always loved performing, and as a result, she received her bachelor’s degree in performing arts from Carroll College in 1998. April is excited to be a part of this amazing adventure and is grateful to put her performing arts degree to good use!

Mariah Hodge

Mariah Hodge (Stage Manager / Light Board)

Mariah Hodge (Stage Manager/Light Board) is a sophomore this year, from Burns, Oregon. She is taking on a triple major in the sciences, while tackling a double minor in criminal justice and business. She has been involved in theater for 2 years. Currently dubbed "stage manager," her real job description seems to be a little more "tech extraordinaire," operating lights this time around for both the Great Falls production and at NYMF.

Cheyenne Murano

Cheyenne Murano (Assistant Director / Production Stage Manager)

Cheyenne Murano is a freshman from Boise, ID. Majoring in English, she has been involved in theater since high school. Her first production at UGF was Chicago, for which she was Assistant Director. Cheyenne hopes to work on many more productions.

Rebecca M. Quirk

Rebecca M. Quirk (Technical Director)

Rebecca M Quirk is working dramaturg and technician, primarily focusing on new play development. She studied at the Playwright’s Lab at Hollins University, under the direction of Todd Ristau, where she learned the art of great playwriting while fine-tuning her passion for dramaturgy. Quirk's dramaturgical skills have been harnessed by theatres around the country. She has worked as a reader for About Face Theatre's XYZ Festival, Oregon's The New Harmony Project, and has worked as the dramaturg for the award-winning playwright Samantha Macher on multiple occasions. Quirk's background in technical theatre has been showcased in world premiere productions of The MatadorArctic Circle, and The Dead Legend, as well as staged readings of Natasha Trethaway's Belloq’s Ophelia at the Kennedy Center

Wallace Charles Bossie III

Wallace Charles Bossie III (Script and Directorial Consultant)