The 2009 New York Musical Theatre Festival Archive

NYMF 2009 (September 28 – October 18)


Full Productions


Book, Music, & Lyrics by John Mercurio; Conceived & Developed by Andrew Kato 

All Fall Down
Book by Greg Turner; Music & Lyrics by Selda Sahin 

Anjou: A Tale Of Horror
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Guillermo Mendez and Lupita Sandoval

Cross That River
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Allan Harris; Book by Andrew Carl Wilk

The Cure
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Mark Weiser 

Fantasy Football: The Musical?
Book, Music, & Lyrics by David Ingber

Fat Camp
Book by Randy Blair and Timothy Michael Drucker; Music by Matthew roi Berger; Lyrics by Randy Blair

F#@cking Up Everything
Book by Sam Forman and David Eric Davis; Music & Lyrics by David Eric Davis

Gay Bride of Frankenstein
Book by Dane E. Leeman and Billy Butler; Music & lyrics by Billy Butler

The Happy Embalmer
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Mark Noonan and Nick Oddy

Book by Michael Holland and Eric Bernat; Music and Lyrics by Michael Holland

Judas And Me
Book & Lyrics by Chad Beguelin; Music by Matthew Sklar 

The Last Smoker In America
Book & Lyrics by Bill Russell; Music by Peter Melnick 

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Monica Bauer

Book by Judd Woldin and Richard Engquist; Music by Judd Woldin; Lyrics by Richard Engquist

Marrying Meg
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Mark Robertson
Based on the play The Lass wi the Muckle Mou by Alexander Reid           

Max Understood
Book by Nancy Carlin; Music by Michael Rasbury; Lyrics by Nancy Carlin and Michael Rasbury

Mo Faya
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Erica Wainaina
Additional Music by Joshua Mwai, Morris Otis Omollo and Helen Akoth Mtawali

My Illustrious Wasteland
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Tod Kimbro
Based on a concept by Jason Bowles

My Scary Girl
Book & Lyrics by Kyoung-Ae Kang; Music by Will Aronson

Open The Dark Door
Book, Music, & Lyrics by David Lefort Nugent

Book & Lyrics by Vynnie Meli; Music by Casey L. Filiaci 

Rainbow Around The Sun
Book & Additional Lyrics by Tom Stuart; Music & Lyrics by Matthew Alvin Brown

Seeing Stars
Book by Shelley McPherson; Music by Don Breithaupt; Lyrics by Jeff Breithaupt 

Street Lights
Book by Joe Drymala and Akin Salawu; Music & Lyrics by Joe Drymala

The Toymaker
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Bryan Putnam 

Under Fire
Book & Lyrics by Barry Harman; Music by Grant Sturiale

Whatever Man
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Benjamin Strouse


Dance Series


The NYMF Dance Series jetés in for another year 

Concept by Daniel Gweritzman; Music by Various Artists
Directed & Choreographed by Daniel Gweritzman

Andy Warhol Was Right
Concept by Melinda Atwod, Sammy Buck, Dan Acquisto, Daryl Gray, Giovanna Sardelli and Shea Sullivan; Book by Sammy Buck; Music by Dan Acquisto
Directed by Giovanna Sardelli; Choreographed by Daryl Gray, Darren Lee and Shea Sullivan


Special Events


Count To Ten
Book by Michael Blevins; Lyrics by Michael Blevins and Beth Clary; Music by Michael Blevins, Scott Knipe, Bruce Sacks and David Wollenberger

Deep Cover
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Michael Wolk 

The Greenwood Tree
Music & Concept by Will Reynolds; Text by William Shakespeare

Letters To Daddy, Jr.
Book by Jill Jaysen; Music & Lyrics by Mark Shepard
Conceived & Developed by 4e Productions 

Book & Lyrics by Dana Leslie Goldstein; Music by Jonathan Goldstein 

Moisty The Snowman Saves Christmas
Book & Lyrics by Bradford Scobie; Music by Bradford Scobie and Christian Dyas

One Night Stand
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Quinn Beswick, Adam Cochran, Kobi Libii, Samantha Martin, Josh Margolin, Jonah Platt, Mollie Taxe and Andrew Resnick

R.R.R.E.D: A Secret Musical
Book by Adam Jackman, Kate Thompson and Patrick Livingston; Music & Lyrics by Katie Thompson


Development Reading Series


Live! Nude! Girl!
Book & Lyrics by Donna Kaz; Music by Wayne Barker

Nightingale And The Satin Woman
Book by William Kotzwinkie and Elizabeth Gundy; Music & Lyrics by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stolller
Based on the book Herr Nightingale and The Satin Woman by William Kotzwinkie 

Punk Princess
Book & Lyrics by Yasmine Lever; Music by Stew and Heidi Rodewald


NYMF @ Nite


In Therapy With Celine
Book by Evan Storey; Featuring the music of Celine Dion

Rated RSO: Music & Lyrics By Ryan Scott Oliver

Sing, But Don’t Tell: An Evening Of Carner and Gregor
Words by Sam Carner; Music by Derek Gregor

Rooms A Rock Romance Album Promo Party 

Clear Blue Tuesday Movie Premiere
Directed by Elizabeth Lucas; Screenplay by the Director & Cast