The 2008 New York Musical Theatre Festival Archive

NYMF 2008 (September 15 – October 5)


Full Productions


About Face
Book & Lyrics by David Arthur; Music by Jeffrey Lodin
Suggested by William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

Book & Lyrics by Fred Sauter; Music by Paul Leschen 

The Bubble: A Musical Dot-Comedy
Book by Karen J. Paull; Music by David Pack; Lyrics by David Pack and Karen J. Paull 

College: The Musical
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Drew Fornartola & Scott Elmegreen Endless parties.

Bonnie & Clyde: A Folktale
Book by Hunter Foster; Music & Lyrics by Rick Crom

Castronauts: Or, How I Killed Fidel
Book by Bobby Houston and Patricio BissoMusic by Randy Courts; Lyrics by Bobby Houston

Cyclone (and the Pig-Faced lady)
Book & Lyrics by Dana Leslie Goldstein; Music by Rima Fand

The Hatpin
Book & Lyrics by James Millar; Music by Peter Rutherford 

I Come For Love
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Terrence Atkins and Jeffery Lyle Segal

Jason & Ben
Book, Music, & Lyrics  by Matthew Loren Cohen

Love Jerry
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Megan Gogerty

The Fancy Boys Follies
Book & Lyrics by David Pevsner; Music by Michael Skloff, Jamie Forysth, Michael Orland, Mark Hummel, Chris Lavely & David Pevsner

Heaven In Your Pocket
Book by Mark Houston, Francis J. Cullinan & Dianne Sposito; Music & Lyrics by Mark Houston

Book & Lyrics by Buddy Sheffield; Music by Buddy Sheffield and Keith Thompson

The Jerusalem Syndrome
Book & Lyrics by Laurence Holzman & Felicia Needleman; Music by J. Kyle Rosen

Max and The Truffle Pig
Book by Suzanne Bradbeer; Music by Burt Draesel; Lyrics by Nancy Leeds
Based on the story Judith Gwyn Brown 

Play It Cool
Book by Martin Casella and Larry Dean Harris; Lyrics by Mark Winkler; Music by Phillip Swann; Additional Music by Jim Andron, Michael Cruz, Marilyn Harris, Robert Kraft, Emilio Palame, Joe Pasquale, Dan Siegel and Larry Steelman; Conceived by Larry Dean Harris 

She Can’t Believe She Said That!
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Matt Prager

To Paint The Earth
Book & Lyrics Daniel Levin; Music by Jonathan Portera 

Villa Diodati: A Mary Shelley Phantasia
Book by Collette Inez & Mira J. Spektor Music & Additional Lyrics by Mira J. Spektor; Additional Lyrics by Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley & William Wordsworth; Lyrics by Colette Inez; 

The Road To Ruin: The 1929 Exploitation Musical
Book, Music, & Lyrics by William Zeffiro 

The Other Woman’s Child
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Sherry Landrum & George S. Clinton

Twilight in Manchego
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Matt Gould 

Book & Lyrics by Dan Collins; Music by Julianne Wick Davis


Special Events & Concerts


A Puppet Music Thing
Curated by Alissa Hunnicutt 

Chocolate Soup
Book by Jill Jaysen; Music & Lyrics by Matt Corriel

Freshly Tossed
Created & Curated by Wendy Seyb and Mark Lonergan

Giant Killer Shark
Book, Music, & Lyrics  by Sam Sutherland 

The Gay Agenda

The Kerrigan-Lowdermilk Contingent

Benj Paske & Justin Paul in Concert

Prospect Theater Company’s 10 Anniversary Concert

Prozak & the Platypus CD Release Party & Concert!



Wild About Harry
Book by Susan DiLallo; Music by Dan Acquisto; Directed by Elizabeth Lucas; Choreographed by Joshua Bergasse, Linda Goodrich, Daryl Gray, Jeff Shade and Shea Sullivan

Sophia’s Fall
Music by Benjamin Birney; Book by Rob Seitelman; Choreographed by Jason Summers 

The Hourglass and the Poisoned Pen
Co-written by Andrew Pepoy; Choreographed by Mark Yonally 

Ward 9
Story by Gregory Victor and Matt Williams; Music by Ludwig van Beethoven; Choreographed by Matt Williams; Directed by Marc Robinson and Matt Williams


Development Reading Series


Black Footnotes
Book by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj; Directed by Nick Petri

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Timothy Huang 

Book & Lyrics by Dennis Nehamen; Music by Craig Nehamen 

Robin Hood
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Tim Frey

Ubu: A ‘Patamusical
Book by Brantley Aufill, Monty Holamon and Tony Mayes; Music & Lyrics by Monty Holamon; Based on Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Plays 

Fairy Tale
Book by Joshua Robinson; Music & Lyrics by John D. Bronston II 

I Love You, Madam President
Book by Phyllis Lynd and Martha Kearns; Music & Lyrics by Phyllis Lynd; Additional Dialogue by Soir Aniroc and Scott Tobin