The 2007 New York Musical Theatre Festival Archive

NYMF 2007 (September 17 – October 7)


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The Angle Of The Sun
Book & Lyrics by Rachel Lampert; Music by Larry Pressgrove 

Book by Matt Board, Jane Caplow, Kate Gavlin, Luisa Hinchliff and Joe Slabe; Music & Lyrics by Matt Board and Joe Slabe

Back Home: The War Brides Musical
Book by Ronald Sproat; Lyrics by Frank Evans; Music by Christopher Berg

The Boy In The Bathroom
Book & Lyrics by Michael Lluberes; Music by Joe Maloney

Emma: A New Musical Inspired by the Jane Austen Novel
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Joel Adlen 

The Family Fiorelli (and how they stayed one)
Book & Lyrics by Fred Anthony Marco; Music by Alastair William King 

Gemini The Musical
Book by Albert Innaurato, from his play “Gemini;” Music & Lyrics by Charles Gilbert

Goin’ Down Swingin’: The Gon Giovanni Radio Hour
Book & Lyrics by Matt Boresi; Music by Peter Hillard

Little Egypt: An Unexpected Love Story
Book by Lynn Siefert; Music & Lyrics by Gregg Lee Henry

Look What A Wonder Jesus Has Done
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Walter Robinson 

Love Sucks: A Punk Rock Musical
Book & Lyrics by Stephen O’Rourke and Brandon Patton; Music by Brandon Patton

Mud Donahue & Son
Book by Jeff Hochhauser, based on Jack Donahue’s “Letter of a Hoofer to His Ma”; Music by Bob Johnston; Lyrics by Jeff Hochhauser and Bob Johnston

Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Joan Cushing; Adapted from the book by Mike Atell 

Sherlock Holmes (The Early Years)
Book by Kate Ferguson and Robert Hudson; Music by Jared M. Dembowski; Lyrics by Susannah Pearse

Such Good Friends: An Hysterical Historical Musical
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Noel Katz

Sympathy Jones
Book by Brooke Pierce; Music & Lyrics by Masi Asare

Tully (In No Particular Order): The hottest love has the coldest end
Book by Joshua William Gelb; Music & Lyrics by Stephanie Johnstone 

The Yellow Wood
Book by Michelle Elliott; Music by Danny Larsen; Lyrics by Michelle Elliot and Danny Larsen


Full Productions


The Beastly Bombing: Or A Terrible Tale of Terrorists Tamed by the Tangles of True Love
Book & Lyrics by Julien Nitzberg; Music by Roger Neill

Bernice Bobs Her Mullet
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Joe Major 

The Brain From Planet X
Book by David Wechter and Bruce Kimmel; Music & Lyrics by Bruce Kimmel 

The Good Fight
Book & Lyrics by Nick Enright; Music by David Wang

I See London, I See France (The Underwear Musical)
Book & Lyrics by Vid Guerreio; Music & Lyrics by Jeremy Desmon

The Kids Left, The Dog Died, Now What?
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Carole Lonner

The Last Starfighter
Book by Fred Landdau; Music & Lyrics by Skip Kennon; Based on the screenplay by Johnathan Betuel

Like Love
Book & Lyrics by Barry Jay Kaplan; Music by Lewis Flynn

Love Kills
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Kyle Jarrow 

Maccabeat!... The Hanukkah Musical
Songs by Harvey Shield and Richard Jarboe;
Book, Music, & Additional Lyrics by Chayim ben Ze’ev

The Piper
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Marcus Hummon 

Book by Delaney Britt Brewer; Music by Brent Lord; Conceived by Holly-Anne Ruggiero & Delaney Britt Brewer; Choreography by Ron De Jesus, Linda Goodrich, Jeff Shade and Matt Williams 

Roller Derby
Book & Lyrics by Barry Arnold; Music by Harold Wheeler 

Book & Lyrics by Same Carner; Music by Derek Gregor

Book by Dianne Seymour; Featuring music of Frederic Chopin, Robert Schumann, Clara Schumann, and Johannes Brahms

With Glee
Book, Music, & Lyrics by John Gregor


Special Events


Die Hard The Puppet Musical
Book & Lyrics by John Ardolino; Music by James Walkton

Freshly Tossed
Curators/Hosts Wendy Seyb and Mark Lonergan 

Book by Jill Jaysen and Matt Corriel; Music & Lyrics by Matt Corriel 

Book & Lyrics by Harrison Rivers; Music by Wayne Lyle 

Suddenly Summer!
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Dan Cohen

The Seven Year B*tch: An Anniversary Concert of Two Never-was Has-been
Book & Lyrics by Sammy Buck; Music by Daniel S. Acquisto


ASCAP Foundation Educational Series


Someone Else’s Story: Partnering With A Librettist
Moderator: Peter Filichia (TheaterMania, The Star Ledger) 

On My Own: Authors Producing Their Own Work
Moderator: Kris Stewart (Executive Director, NYMF)

One Good Break: Emerging Writers On Their Way Up The Ladder
Moderator: Michael Kerker (Asst. VP, Musical Theatre & Cabaret, ASCAP)


Concerts Series At Ars Nova

Without Skin Or Hair: The Music Of Nick Jones And Benjamin Ickies 

Chopsticks Larry: A Tribute

Hearken To A Pie Hole: Tantrums And Tales By Iconis And Maddock

Mel & El: This Show Rhymes

Clear Blue Tuesday

Jeremy Schonfield: New York Storybook 

Todd Almond Loves You

Daniel Reichard’s Kegger 

Paul Scott Goodman: Songs, Stories, Friends

Junk In The Trunk: Some Songs By Lin-Manuel Miranda


Developmental Series


Naughty! The Musical World of Emmet Taylor Farkas
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Leo Schwartz 

Top Of The Heap
Book & Lyrics by William Squier; Music by Jeffrey Lodin

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Brian Fountain; Directed by Evan Cabnet

The Cousin Grimm
Book by Ted Sod; Music by Dan Martin; Lyrics by Michael Biello; Directed by Michael Bush 

Cutman – A Boxing Musical
Book by Jared Coseglia; Music & Lyrics by Drew Brody; Story by Jared Coseglia & Cory Grant

Book & Lyrics by john Atkins; Music by William Wade